April 2012
THE 2012 SHOW SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!! Everyone loves the first real horse show of the season and the Oklahoma City Centennial Horse Show was another success this year. Even though we had horrible weather, everyone was so excited and eager to start the show season! Friday night's weather was frightful but the storm finally blew out of town. Kelly and the wonderful grooms had everything organized and all the horses were ready to begin the show season.
        On Thursday morning, Ryne Swope rode his stellar horse, Lucas, to a blue ribbon in the Hunt Road Hack. This was a new class for Ryne but he did an awesome job showing off his exceptional horse! Karen Cooley rode her beautiful horse, Reedann's Phancy Phootwork, to a blue ribbon in the ASB Saddle & Bridle Shatner Western Pleasure. They had a smooth ride and she was very proud of her horse after the class. Next in the show ring was Kelly and Fastrak Thunderbird, owned by the Cooley family. Kelly showed this georgeous stallion with such ease ... even though he is a stallion, he is also a sweetheart! Kelly and T-Bird jogged out of the class with the blue ribbon. Congratulations! Lynn Suchy and her new gelding, French Grand Design, started the season off with a bang by earning the reserve ribbon in their very first class. What a great start, Lynn! Also showing on Thursday morning was the talented horse, MWR Illegal Motion. Kelly showed this beautiful gelding for Annie Kate McLain and won the blue ribbon in the Hunter Pleasure Open class! Whoo hoo! What a great morning for the Cottonwood Creek gang!      
      Thursday night was also filled with many great moments in the show ring. Rachel Darrow is new to our barn and we are so happy that she is now a part of the Cottonwood Creek family. She showed her beautiful horse to the top of her Hunter Pleasure 13 & Under class. Rachel and Sterling are a first-rate duo and they will have great success in the show ring this season. Keep up the good work, Rachel! Kelly also showed the beautiful Bellisimo for the Armstrong family and did an expert job. Bellisimo is the whole package and Claire will have a blast with him this season. We had 5 amateurs in the Hunter Pleasure Amateur class and they all placed very well. Kelly is a wonderful instructor and she has taught all her amateurs how to handle big classes. Tadgy Stacy and Lynn Suchy won the 1st and 2nd spots in this huge class. Kelly turned right around and showed Jerri Monroe's mare in the English Pleasure Ladies class. This wonderful mare, Castleridge Que Sera, did a fantasic job ... and won the reserve ribbon in the class. Super job Kelly and Congrats Jerri! Next in the show ring on Thursday night was our newcomer Dana Lorenston! She did awesome for her very first class EVER ... she won the reserve spot and was thrilled! Yay! Another team that showed on Thursday night was Paige Crowley and Kern's Endeavor GCH. They did a tremendous job and won the blue ribbon in the Western Seat Equitation 13 & Under class. Super job, Paige! We ended the night with a expert ride from Kelly. She showed the Cooley's beautiful, black, PARK horse to the reserve ribbon in the Morgan Park Saddle Open class. This tremendous horse is so fun to watch in the show ring and Kelly looked amazing on him! What a great day at the Oklahoma Centennial .... off to the next day!  
     Friday started off with a bang! Kelly rode Kathy Kyler's horse, SSLLC Set Me in Motion, to the top ribbon in the Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse class. What a great way to start off the day! Next, Karen Cooley and Reedann's Phancy Phootwork won their 2nd blue ribbon of the show in the ASB Country Pleasure Amateur class. They had a fantastic class and Karen looked so classy in her beautiful western jacket! Also winning her 2nd blue ribbon of the show is our precious Rachel Darrow in the Hunter Seat Equitation 13 & Under class. She was beautiful in her black coat and Sterling was such a good boy. Everyone cheered so loud when they called her number for 1st place! Next in the show ring was Kelly, Tadgy, Kim and Lynn for the Hunter Pleasure Ladies Geldings class. This was a very tough class and everyone had an admirable ride. Congrats! Also on Friday, Kelly rode the fabulous AMHF Spirted Heiress for the Sievers family in the Opportunity Western Pleasure class ... and ended up with the reserve ribbon. Kelly and the Sievers were very pleased. Morgan Western Pleasure Limit Rider was next and Dana Lorenson and Karen Laubach won the first and second place ribbons. The CCR crowd went wild! This was Dana's very first blue ribbon so it was extra special! Next was the very competitive Western Seat Equitation 14 - 17 class. The new team of Mary Kris Revard and Evil Knievel GCH won the reserve ribbon in the class and the beautiful Mallory Stacy and EV Santa Fe Special won the 3rd place ribbon. Both of the girls were thrilled and very happy with the results. Mary Kris and Mallory jumped off their horses so they could watch their barn mate show in the Western Pleasure 13 & Under class. Paige Crowley rode her marvelous new horse, UVM Opportunity, to the blue ribbon .... this horse is absolutely stunning! Paige wore her beautiful, new peach outfit and she were georgeous. Skeet (Kelly's wonderful mother) makes the most wonderful western outfits and this one was no exception! Thank you, Skeet, for all you do for us ... we love you!  Kelly had the chance to show Paige's new horse in the Morgan Western Pleasure Ladies Gelding class and also won the blue ribbon. UVM Opportunity is out of this world!!! Paige Crowley also qualified for the GN with her stellar performance in the Western Seat Medal class. Congratulaions! The Crowley's had a great Friday morning at the show!  
     Friday night was awesome! The new team of Claire Armstrong and Bellisimo went into their first class of the show and WON! It was a picture perfect ride and Claire was thrilled! Yay Claire! We are thrilled that you are an official part of the Cottonwood Creek family. We love you and your precious parents!!! The next class of the evening was one that we will all remember ... Kathy Kyler and her pretty horse, SSLLC Set Me in Motion, won the Morgan Hunter Pleasure Ladies Mare class. Everyone in the CCR section cheered VERY LOUDLY when they called her name for first place. Kathy is the sweetest person and we were so proud of her! Kelly and Silverheels Lumination was in the top 3 ribbons which made the Revard family very happy! Next in the ring was the Morgan Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. 14 - 17 class ... and Ryne and Mallory won the 1st and 2nd place ribbons! Wow ... what a great win for the CCR! Ryne and Mallory were so excited because this was a VERY competitive class! Kelly won another reserve ribbon in the Morgan Western Pleasure Open class with the Cooley's stallion, Fastrak Thurnderbird ... right behind her was the talented Karen Laubach and "Reggie." What a fun class! Ryne Swope won another blue ribbon on his fab horse, Lucas. He won the Hunter Pleasure 14 - 17 class! Great job, Ryne! The last class of the day was the Western Pleasure Jr. Exh. 14 -17 class and Mallory Stacy won the reserve ribbon! Her western horse, EV Santa Fe Special, is black and beautiful. Great job, Mallory! The Progressive Party was amazing and everyone was in such good moods, even though there was a huge tornado in Norman earlier in the day. We are very blessed that the tornado didn't head for the OKC fairgrounds!  
     Saturday was filled with qualifiers and championship classes. Lynn Suchy had a FABULOUS ride in the Morgan Hunter Pleasure Ladies Championship and WON CHAMPION! Lynn has worked so hard all winter on her new horse, French Grand Design, so she was super, super excited for this special win! Tadgy, Kim and Kathy had great rides, too. Good job, girls!!! Austin Oplotnik is an outstanding Hunt Seat Equitation rider and he won the reserve ribbon in the very competitive Hunt Seat Eq. 14 - 17 class. Go, Austin, Go! Ausitn looks tremendous on his new horse, Graycliff Jack Star! Kelly won another class on the Sievers's mare, "Paris." This mare is so well-behaved and is always such a an angel in the show ring. Also on Saturday morning, Dana Lorenson won Reserve Champion in her very FIRST championship class on Kelly's horse, Kern's Endeavor GCH!!! She did her victory pass with the biggest smile on her face ... she won Reserve Champion in the Morgan Western Pl. Amateur Championship class. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, DANA!!! Next in her Championship class was Karen Cooley and Reedann's Phancy Phootwork. They won CHAMPION in the ASB Country Western Pleasure Championship ... Karen even won some money! Whoo hoo! You are such an elegant rider, Karen, and we all love to watch you show! Kelly showed next in the Western Pleasure Opportunity Western Pleasure Championship and won!!! What a great morning because the CCR gang had already won 4 championship classes! However, Tadgy Stacy went in the next class and won ANOTHER championship ribbon for the CCR! Tadgy showed her beautiful horse, GDT Boucheron, to the CHAMPION ribbon in the Morgan Hunter Pleasrue Amateur Championship. This duo is hard to beat! Nicki Smith was right behind her for the Reserve Champion ribbon! Good job, Tadgy and Nicki!!! Paige Crowley won a Reserve Champion ribbon with her awesome new horse, "Opie." Paige showed in the Morgan Western Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship and left with the Reserve Champion ribbon!!! Well deserved, Paige Crowley!!!    
   Saturday night was exciting as well! Our little cowboy, Nathan Sullivan, won another blue ribbon for CCR on his new, black horse, Hi Bridge Regal Night. Our sweet Mandy lead him around the ring for this wonderful victory in the Leadline class. It's always a pleasure to watch Nathan in the show ring! Next in the ring was Kelly and MWR Illegal Motion .... AND THEY WON CHAMPION in the Morgan Hunter Pleasure Open Championship!!! This beautiful gelding is fancy and eye catching! Congratulations to the owner, Annie Kate! Next, Jerri Monroe went into her Championship on her horse, Castleridge Que Sera, and won 3rd in a very competitive class. Jerri looked amazing in her new English attire. She is such a classy lady and she shows her horse with elegance and grace! Kelly and Karen Laubach won the Reserve and yellow ribbon in the Morgan Western Pl. Open Championshiop ... Kelly was showing Fastrak Thunderbird for the Cooley family and Karen L. was showing Hi Bridge Regal Night for the Sievers family. Congrats! Finally, Kelly returned to the show ring on the super fancy, Intrepid on Parade! She won the Morgan Park Saddle Open Championship ... it was a blast to see her show this amazing horse for the Cooley family! What a day filled with lots of good ribbons for the CCR gang!!!    
       Sunday was the last day of the show and it was filled with anticipation! The morning started off with Kelly showing the beautiful UMV Oppourtunity in the Morgan Western Pleasure Ladies Championship. After a phenomenal ride for the Crowley family, Kelly jogged away with the champion ribbon! This horse is simply amazing and Kelly looked beautiful in her new, purple western jacket! Next in the show ring was the Western Seat Equitation Championship. Mary Kris Revard, Mallory Stacy and Paige Crowley had exceptional rides and flawless patterns ... good job to all 3 of you! Mary Kris jogged away with the CHAMPION tri-colored ribbon in this class and was very excited! She is so pleased with her new mount, Evil Knievel, owned by Kelly Kraegel. Towards the end of the show was the very large Morgan Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship. There were 13 riders in this class and Mallory Stacy came out as CHAMPION!!! What a wonderful moment for the Stacy family! Mallory had a fancy ride on her beautiful World Champion, Bell South. Austin Oplotnik came out with the yellow championship ribbon and was thrilled. Austin and Jack had a very, very good class. Congrats to Mallory and Austin!!! Rachel Darrow trotted away with the pink ribbon in the class and Mary Kris and Silverheels Lumination also ribboned in this large class. Good job Rachel and Mary Kris! CCR won another championship ribbon with Claire Armstrong and Bellisimo! What an incredible team! When Claire enters the ring, she is so focused and determined ... and she does an amazing job with her awesome horse! Congrats to the whole Armstrong family on a great show!    
     The Oklahoma Centennial horse show was filled with great memories. Thank you to Amy Crowley for arranging the snack buddies ... it was so nice to have food at the show! Thank you to everyone that participated! A special "thank you" to our trainer, Kelly Kraegel. Thank you for all your hard work ... the show was a huge success!!! You are the best trainer EVER! The next show is in a couple of weeks ... Red River Classic here we come. It's just around the corner!
(written by: Laurie Revard)
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May 2012 .... The Cottonwood Creek riders were ready for their second show of the 2012 season. The Red River Classic show was moved from Ardmore to the OKC fairgrounds which was super close to home! The horses were familiar with the ring and everyone was ready to go!  The weather was hot but we were cooled by our dear sweet friend, "Swampy." What did we ever do before Swampy?  

     I'm going straight to the Championship classes because Cottonwood Creek rocked!  Kiley Bush rode her stunning black horse, Intrepid on Parade, in the Park Saddle Championship and received the Reserve Champion ribbon. Kiley rode like an expert and was so focused. She was thrilled with her ride and excited about her victory pass! I think her mother, Karen, was just as excited as Kiley!

     The English Pleasure Saddle Championship was a success for Jerri Monroe. She rode her mare, Castleridge Que Sera, to a Reserve Champion honor. Jerri looked amazing in her beautiful English Pleasure coat and vest .... such a classy rider! Jerri is a beautiful lady and she looks like a million dollars on top of Quesa. Kelly also rode Castleridge Que Sera in the English Pleasure Open Championship and also received the Reserve Champion honor! Wow ... what a great show for Jerri!   

    Where do I even begin with Claire Armstrong and her awesome horse, Bellisimo? Claire went into the English Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship and had a wonderful ride. However, the talk of the show was Claire and Bellisimo in the Pleasure Driving Championship! This was Claire's first show driving and she did AMAZING! Bellisimo was big and bold and was a blast to watch. They ended up with the Championship ribbon in the class ... Congratulations, Claire! We can't wait to watch you drive Bellisimo at Nationals this year. You looked absolutely beautiful!!!  

     Karen Cooley's horse, Fasttrak Thunderbird, had another great show! Kelly rode him in the Western Pleasure Open Championship and trotted away with the Championship ribbon. Karen was smiling during the whole class! This stallion is one of a kind .... super masculine but gentle and kind. He is a total sweetheart and one of the barn's favorites. It's so much fun having a gorgeous stallion in the barn! Congratulations Karen! 

     Kelly and Paris had another successful show together. Riding for the Sievers family, Kelly showed Paris with such ease and grace. Kelly makes everything look so easy ... she and Paris were flawless in the class. Paris won the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Western Pleasure Ladies Championship class. Way to go, Paris!!! We missed the Sievers at the show but we will get to see them at the next show!

     Dana Lorenson was amazing in her second show EVER! She won the 3rd place ribbon in the Western Pleasure Am. Championship class on Kern. It looks like she's been riding forever. We are all so proud of you, Dana. Keep up the good work! 

      Paige Crowley and her amazing horse, UVM Opportunity, won the Western Pleasure Youth class at the Red River Classic horse show. They are a match made in Heaven. Seriously, they look amazing together and they have such a bright future.  Paige is an elegant rider and Opie is a beautiful horse ... together they are an awesome team! Also, Paige and Opie had a very successful ride in the Western Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship and won the Jr. Exh. Western Pleasure 13 & Under class. Congratulations!!!

      Mary Kris Revard had a fun show! She won the Western Seat Equitation Championship and the AMHA Western Seat Medal class. She rides Evil Knievel GCH. Mary Kris showed "Andy" with grace and determination in both classes. Mary Kris also won her qualifying Western Seat Eq. 14 - 17 class earlier in the show. She is having a complete blast this season. She is also showing her new hunt horse, Silverheels Lumination. Congrats MK!

     Austin Oplotnik won the Reserve Champion ribbon in the very competitive Hunt Seat Equitation Championship class. Austin rides with quiet legs and stellar posture! He won the Gold Medal at the GN in 2010 in the AMHA Dressage Medal class ... his dressage training has helped him become a fierce rider! Austin was riding his new horse, Graycliff Jack Star. Yay Austin!!!

     The Western Pleasure Jr. Exh. class was also competitive! The CCR gang left with the Reserve, third and fourth place ribbons in the class. Mary Kris and Evil Knievel won the Reserve Champion ribbon, Paige and UVM Opportunity won the third place ribbon and EV Santa Fe Special and Mallory won the fourth place ribbon. Way to go, CCR girls!  

     Mallory Stacy is a World Champion rider and she had another wonderful show. She won the reserve ribbon in a very large AMHA Hunt Seat Medal class which qualified her for the Grand Nationals in October. She also won the Reserve Champion spot in the Western Seat Equitation Championship. Her pattern was flawless and she is an elegant western rider. Mallory and her World Champion hunt horse, Bell South, won the Reserve Champion ribbon in the HUGE Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship class! She was so excited when they called her number!!! Congrats, Mallory, on another wonderful show!!!

     Speaking of the very HUGE Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. class, CCR had the top 5 riders in this class! Whoo hoo! There were 16 horses in this class so it speaks volumes for our wonderful trainer, Kelly. Ryne Swope and his beautiful horse, SSLLC On Demand, WON the tri-colored Champion ribbon in this tough class. What a great win, Ryne! The CCR crowd went wild when they called his number!!! (Ryne also won the very competitive AMHA Hunt Seat Medal class earlier that day. Yay!) Mallory Stacy and Bell South followed him with the Reserve Champion ribbon, Austin Oplotnik and Graycliff Jack Star won the yellow championship ribbon, Mary Kris and her new mount, Silverheels Lumination, won the white championship ribbon, and Rachel Darrow and Rendition Sterling Image won the fifth place ribbon! Wowsa!!!! Good job, CCR!!!

     Kim Oplotnik was beyond thrilled when they called her name for the Champion tri-colored ribbon in the big Hunter Pleasure Amateur Championship class! Her huge smile said it all ... she was super, super, super HAPPY!!! She was riding the Geisler's horse, Spicolife Affirmation. He is a beautiful horse and Kim is an elegant rider ... they make a fantastic team! (Kim, we loved all your wonderful expressions throughout the class ... they made everyone smile!)  We love you, Kim!

     Nicki Smith and her awesome horse, WSG Mystic Expression, won the Reserve Champion ribbon in the big Hunter Pleasure Am. championship class! Nicki is a very focused and determined rider and it shows in her ribbons. She also won the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Hunter Pleasure Open Championship. With 2 champion victory passes, Nicki was beyond thrilled! Congrats Nicki and Smiley!!! Yippee!

     Tadgy Stacy had a spectacular show with her Grand National Champion horse, GDT Boucheron. This team is AWESOME! They won the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Hunter Pleasure Ladies Championship and the Champion ribbon in the Hunter Pleasure Open Championship. Wow! Tadgy is a great rider and "Boo" is "one of a kind." Good job, Tadgy! We are all very proud of you!    

     Rachel Darrow is sure getting used to the blue ribbons. She won the Hunt Seat 13 & Under class with her steady mount, Rendition Sterling Image. This pair has really made a mark in the 13 & Under division. Congrats on getting Top 5 in the HUGE Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship ... you guys were awesome!!! Good job, Rachel!!!  

     Lynn Suchy and Kathy Kyler also had a great show! They showed their horses in a couple of Championship classes and won great ribbons. Lynn showed her new mount, French Grand Design, and won a blue ribbon at the show and a couple of awesome championship ribbons. Kathy showed her sweet mare, SSLLS Set Me In Motion, to many wonderful ribbons. Kathy had a wonderful show! Good job, girls!!! 

     A special thank you to Kelly, our wonderful trainer and friend. You are such a dedicated trainer and we appreciate you so much! You make each show so much fun ... we look forward to each and every show! Thank you to all the wonderful grooms ... we love you and appreciate you! The horses looked fantastic at the show!!! Also, a special thank you to Skeet for making everyone smile. You are like a "ray of sunshine" at each show. Another special thank you to our "snack buddy" girl, Amy Crowley. Your "snack buddy" idea is so successful ... everyone looks forward to each meal! Another thank you to Lorand for taking awesome pictures ... you really capture each moment ... we love them! I enjoy having a "photography buddy" in the barn!!! CCR is off to a great start ... next show is Wheat State ... let's rock and roll!!! (written by: Laurie Revard)

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                         WHEAT STATE REGIONAL HORSE SHOW ..........

     Wheat State was an unbelievable show with lots of fun and laughter! The support our barn shows to each other is absolutely amazing ... everyone was wishing each rider "good luck" and lots of "congratulations!" We are so blessed to be a part of such a fabulous and supportive barn family! Wheat State was so exciting because it's our regional show and the judge was Larry Bolen. Kelly and all the wonderful grooms had the stalls looking awesome with tables, chairs, flowers and a stocked kitchen! A special thank you to Amy Crowley for arranging the "snack buddies" again. It's such a treat to have dinner ready for you at the show. Another special "thank you" to Doug Stacy ... YOUR FOOD WAS TO DIE FOR!!! Thank you for spending an entire day cooking food just for our barn ... everyone enjoyed it. Thank you, Kelly, for always having everything at the show organized ... and having each horse ready to go! You are truly an amazing trainer and we love you to death. Thank you to the wonderful grooms ... thank you for getting our horses ready for each class ... and always with a smile and a "good luck." We couldn't do it without you!!! 

    WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!!! We want to welcome both of our new walk/trotters (and their fabulous families) to the barn. Chloe Fairschon and Rachel Roberts made their debut at Wheat State and they both had a fabulous show! Chloe and Ozzy went in their very FIRST class ever and WON!!!! Congratulations! Chloe also received the "Reserve Champion" ribbon in the Walk/Trot Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship. Chloe had the biggest smile on her face during the victory pass and the whole CCR group was going crazy! What a special moment for the Fairschon family! Rachel also had a wonderful first show on Lynn Suchy's horse "Tiger." Rachel and Tiger were steady and quiet in all of their walk/jog western classes .... and they were almost always in the top 3 in each class!!! Rachel looked so beautiful in all her new western outfits. Speaking for everyone in the CCR family, WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR NEW WALK/TROTTERS!!!

     Loren Irwin also had a GREAT show at Wheat State! Loren is the sweetest child and always willing to help around the barn (just like her wonderful mother). It was a very special moment when they called her number for the "Reserve Champion" ribbon in the Walk/Jog Western Pleasure championship. Loren was riding her precious horse, Furturity's Roman Torch. Loren looked amazing in the class ... so steady and smooth. Loren is so supportive of everyone so it was nice to see her win "Reserve Champion!" Way to go, Loren!

    Mallory, Mallory, Mallory ... we love your determination and your fire! Mallory went into the HUGE Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exh. Championship and received "Reserve Champion!" Mallory knows how to be seen in a very large class ... which takes skill and practice. Mallory was showing her beautiful horse, Bell South. Her huge smile when they called her number said it all .... she was thrilled!!! Mallory also went into the Hunt Seat Equitation Championship and received another "Reserve Champion" ribbon. Mallory's pattern was amazing and both her victory passes were stunning. Congratulations Mallory!!!

    RYNE WON A SADDLE, RYNE WON A SADDLE, RYNE WON A SADDLE!!! WOWSA!!!! Ryne Swope went into the Western Seat Equitation Championship and won the western saddle!!! CCR sponsored all the saddles for the equitation championship classes at the show and Ryne won one! Ryne's western equitation is beautiful and we all love to watch him in the show ring. He shows with maturity and confidence .... and the judge rewarded him with the Championship! How exciting to win a brand new western saddle!!!! Ryne also had a very successful show in the Hunter division ... he won his section of the Hunt Seat Equitation 14 -17. Great job, Ryne!

     Tadgy Stacy also had a SUPER show ... winning the Hunter Pleasure Amateur Championship and receiving the Reserve honor in the Hunter Pleasure Ladies Championship! Tadgy and her beautiful horse, GDT Boucheron, had such pretty classes ... they make a wonderful team. We are all very proud of you, Tadgy! You are having a super season!!!

     We all knew that Kiley Bush was a fantastic rider but she was absolutely STUNNING in her Park Saddle Championship riding her horse, Intrepid On Parade. Her canter take offs were thrilling and her park trot was something else! Kiley ended up winning "CHAMPION" in the Park Saddle Championship and her victory pass was magnificent! Speaking of magnificent, Kelly had a great show on "T-Bird" ... he is coming around so nicely. It's amazing what Kelly has taught him in less than a year! That horse is going to be hard to beat. Congratulations Karen, Chuck and Kiley on your beautiful horses!  

     Austin Oplotnik, the Reserve World Champion in the AMHA Hunt Seat Medal, is a fantastic rider! He enters the ring and people watch! Austin rides with very quiet legs and a tall, lean body ... he looks magnificent in the saddle. Austin won the reserve ribbon in the very competitive Hunt Seat Equitation 14 - 17 class and many other magnificent ribbons throughout the show. We are very proud of you, Austin!!!

     Speaking of Oplotniks, Kim Oplotnik also had a super show!!!  Watching Kim and DVF Kingsway demonstrate all the different dressage patterns on Thursday morning was such a treat! Kim ended up being the "Reserve Champion" in training level and also the High Point Reserve Champion!!! Kim looked elegant in her dressage outfit and Kingsway looked awesome! We are looking forward to watching this super team at Nationals this October!!! Karen also had a great show in dressage (riding DVF Kingsway)... winning a reserve ribbon!!! Way to go, Karen and Kim!!!

     Paige Crowley had many, many fantastic rides on her mounts, Kern and Opie! It's always a treat to see her in her beautiful western outfits .... Paige always looks sharp and her white hat always looks 'PERFECT!!!' Paige is having an awesome season riding in the Western Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 13 & Under division and the Western Seat Equitation 13 & Under division. Everyone at the barn is super proud of Paige!!! PAIGE WON HER WESTERN SEAT SILVER MEDAL AT WHEAT STATE!!! Yipee! Paige had an extraordinary pattern and was all smiles when they called her name!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, PAIGE!!!

    The Revards had a fun show (this is awkward writing about myself!). Laurie rode her special horse, Whispering Non-Stop, and won "Champion" in the Western Pleasure Ladies and the Western Pleasure Amateur championship classes. "Johno" is such an enjoyable horse to ride and Kelly has been the best trainer for him. I think he might even have a big crush on Kelly!! :)  Mary Kris also had a great show .... always in the "TOP 3" in all her tough western classes. Mary Kris always had a smile on her face at the show because she loves her horses this season!!! Mary Kris is enjoying her new hunt horse, Silverheels Lumination! They are improving at every show ... I think MK is having a blast going FAST on Lulu!!! It's a lot different than the western classes! Kelly also rode Silverheels Lumination in the Hunter Pleasure mares class and WON!!! Lulu looked so relaxed and steady in the class! Congrats Kelly and Lulu!!!

      RACHEL DARROW IS RIDING WESTERN! Rachel is now riding western as well as hunt seat. Rachel's green outfit was gorgeous and she had many beautiful rides. It looks like she has been riding western for a long time! The whole CCR crowd went WILD after Rachel executed the most PERFECT pattern in the Hunt Seat Equitation Championship. It was a tough pattern but Rachel and "Sterling" looked ASTONISHING!!!! Speaking for everyone, we are all so happy that Rachel is a part of the CCR family. We love you and we are very proud of you!  

     WE MISSED YOU DEARLY, JERRI!!! Everyone was sad that Jerri couldn't make it to the show, but we cheered on Kelly and Jerri's horse, Castleridge Que Sera!!! What a fantastic class! Kelly and Castleridge Que Sera won the "RESERVE CHAMPION" honor in the English Pleasure Championship. What a darling mare .... she always looks great and she tries so hard!  Congrats Jerri ... we love you and missed you!!!

     Lynne Suchy's horse French Grand Design was the bomb! Kelly rode him in the Hunter Pleasure Championship and WON!!! Lynne was thrilled and Kelly was so happy! French Grand Design looked remarkable and Kelly looked like she was having a total BLAST!!! Congrats Lynne!!!

     Nathan Sullivan is the most precious thing on top of AMHF Spirited Heiress. Nathan has this certain look on his face when he enters the show ring ... it's a face of pure determination!!! He is SO ADORABLE!!!! 

     A couple more shows to go before Nationals. It's been a great season so far!!! 


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