Rates for Training, Boarding and Shows

Board with Training
The horses are typically worked 5 days per week, Tuesday-Saturday. Workouts are varied throughout the week depending on the individual horse’s needs and abilities. The horses maybe driven, ridden, long lined, or bit and lunged. 4 lessons per month are included for horse and rider teams. Additional lessons can be purchased at regular lesson prices. Vaccinations, coggins, hoof care and deworming are also provided and billed accordingly.
2015 Rehab care
Hand walking/wrapping/doctoring, etc.
Stall Board
Superb accommodations include a stall with rubber mats and automatic waterer. Your horse is fed two times a day, and stalls are cleaned at least once a day. You have access to all amenities including our 60x125 indoor arena and 200 x 120 lighted outdoor arena, wash and grooming areas, one tack locker, trails, etc. Vaccinations, coggins, hoof care and deworming are also provided and billed accordingly.
Pasture Board
Beautiful pastures with white vinyl fences and run in sheds. Your horse is fed grain twice a day and has access to fresh water and grass. Horses are fed Bermuda grass bales or round bales. Vaccinations, coggins, hoof care and deworming are also provided and billed accordingly.
Sales and Purchases of Horses
A commission of 10% will be earned for both the buying or selling of a horse with the assistance of Kelly Kraegel. The purchase or sale of a horse takes a lot of time and effort.
Lease horses
Horses are available to lease on a first come first serve basis with approval. No separate or additional lease fees are added! However, show horses must be kept in full training for the entire duration of the lease. Shoeing, routine vet care, insurance and normal expenses that would be associated with keeping/showing the horse are also required. When available, leasing is a great way to get your feet wet or to add an additional horse to your showstring without the initial investment or commitment of buying one.
Regular Turnout or Kraft Walker Workouts
Your horse is turned out in a large paddock/pasture or put on the Kraft Horse Exercisor, five days per week (weather permitting).
Blanketing Service
Your horse is blanketed and/or unblanketed daily according to the weather. This service is included for horses in training.

Blanket Wash
Fee for blankets and sheets to be washed.
Late Payments
Payment is due on or before the first of each proceeding month. For example you'd pay for all of April's board on or before April 1st. Late payments will be subject to late fees. We have zero tolerance for late payments.
Horseshoers and Veterinarians
Cottonwood Creek Ranch LLC uses the top horse shoers and Veterinarians around. They will typically bill the horse's owner directly, but should they prefer to bill Cottonwood Creek Ranch, those charges will be added to your monthly invoice.
Additional Costs
Any medical treatments or additional supplements will be billed to the owner directly.
Ask Kelly about how to receive discounted services!

Show Fees

Horse Show Entry Fees
Open checks made out to each show should be given to Kelly before show season begins. Kelly will fill out your entries and classes and send it in for you. You will be informed as to the amount and mail out dates of your check. If it's a last minute decision to take your horse, these fees will be billed at cost on your monthly bill. You will need to supply Kelly with a copies of your: AMHA Card, USEF Card, and Horse's Registration papers listed in your name.
Class Fees
$25 per class fee for classes that you enter at each show. It takes a lot of time and many products to get a horse from his stall to our standard of show ring excellence. This per class fee helps off-set the supply expense (show sheen, hoof black, sand paper, clipper blades, brushes, rags, baby gel, oil, shampoo etc.) and the cost of having such great grooms and helpers to apply it, as well as the time it takes to saddle, unsaddle, coach and show a horse.
Show Day Care (2015 Rate changes*)
Show Day fees:   Each horse will be charged $65* per day they are at a show, or enroute to or from a show, plus one preperation day. "Day fees " help to offset the cost of extra hours for employees, extra contract labor, extra supplies, lumber, stall curtains, and care of the horse while at the show, etc. The day before we leave for a show are spent preparing your horse; clipping, tail washing, sanding feet, tack cleaning, etc. and packing for the show. Nationals Show Day fees $75 per day.*
For hay, grain and shavings purchased at the show. The total cost is divided per horse.
Tack/Extra Stalls
Stalls for getting your horse ready, changing room for riders, tack room, etc. Usually one extra stall is purchased per horse. If more or less stalls are needed they are divided per horse. Billed at cost.
Billed at cost.
Hotel/Travel Expenses
Cost for staff to go to the show. This is divided per horse. Billed at cost.
Horse show grooms work very hard and very long hours to care for your horse. Please tip them at the show if you feel they are doing a good job.