Kelly Kraegel offers a training program of the Kelly Kraegel - training centerhighest calibre for both horses and riders. She and her students have won over 100 World and National and Reserve Championships showing Morgan Horses. She believes in consistancy and dedication to her people and animals. Kelly is organized, professional and always teaches her horses and riders in a positive way.  Her program places an emphasis on producing patient and trusting horses who have solid foundations. She enjoys breaking young horses or fixing those with issues. Giving to the bit, moving off of your legs and staying collected are all important components of a solid, happy, horse. They also result in a much quieter and agreeable one who truly likes his work. She spends the time needed with each horse to allow them to meet their full potential.

Junior Exhibitors, Equitation, and Amateur riders are also a fun and competitive part of Kelly's training program. Helping riders of all ages understand how to successfully compete in the show arena, and understand the fundamentals of horse training so they are better equipped to make the correct decisions when training and showing their own horses is important to Kelly. Proper riding position, negotiating large classes and precise patternwork put the finishing touches on her champions, She promotes sportsmanship and a positive attitude, and finds importance in breaking down situations so her riders and understand why they are doing what they are doing.
Kelly's vast history in the horse industry, and large lesson and show program make Cottonwood Creek Ranch LLC the ideal place to market your horse. With onsite riders needing mounts of all price ranges and disciplines and an ocean of connections, Kelly is an excellent choice for both marketing your horse for sale, or assisting you in purchasing your perfect next horse.

 Kelly Kraegel training